A Specialised Garden Studio

What we do

City Botanics is a specialist garden design and plantscaping studio, providing a range of products and services for residential and commercial clients.

Succulents on Windowsill

We believe that gardens can heal

Why we do it

We believe that gardens and plants can heal and provide a sense of calm in today's chaotic world. We believe that when we remain connected to nature, we are more likely to fight for its beauty and help prevent its destruction. Most of all though, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to incorporate nature into their daily lives, regardless of their living space or how green their thumbs.

That's why at City Botanics, we strive to create liveable, thoughtful and hassle-free gardens and plantscapes for busy urban dwellers, and we aim to deliver them with quality service that is convenient and reliable.

Observing Flowers

As our cities continue to rise, let's stay connected to our natural world

Our Vision

Our vision is for City Botanics to become a leader in small space gardening. We want to ensure that we, as a society, never lose our connection to the natural world no matter how high our buildings rise. ​

Our goal is to provide a service that allows our customers, regardless of their skill level or space restrictions, to be captivated by plants each and every day so that they too can harvest that special connection our gardens provide.

The plant world is massive and we imagine that we will continue spending our lives learning about new plants and ways in which to incorporate them into our every day.

Green Balconies

More space for more plants!

How did we get here

Chief Plantscaper & Designer Martin Steel, began to sow the seeds of City Botanics in 2016. An urban dweller and avid gardener for as long as he can remember, Martin found himself constantly challenged when gardening in small spaces. Always wanting more space for more plants, he soon realised that more space would likely never eventuate and it was time to start becoming a more creative, smarter gardener.

After working for over 15 years in corporate roles, Martin decided it was time to begin cultivating his own path to business success, completing a formal education in garden design and horticulture, spending every available moment studying new plants and exploring new garden designs. 

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