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High Rise Balcony Garden

Exposed, shady & tiny. Three of the toughest challenges when designing a garden retreat and we dealt with them all head on. See how we converted this 12 sqm balcony into an outdoor room worthy of any city apartment.


The Design

With an easterly facing balcony, morning sun was all that we could ever expect, so we knew we would be in for a challenge. The overall theme was to achieve a formal contemporary space. We needed to make use of the existing furniture pieces, which also included two tall planters. 

During our client brief, it was evident that our client was hoping to bring some flowers into the design scheme. Flowers are always tricky in shady and exposed positions, especially when the aspect cops the full brunt of the windy weather. 

For the floor pieces, we chose square and rectangle pots with an indented design to match the formal feel we were going for. These were placed in a symmetrical fashion and we balanced the placement with the two existing planters on either side of the main view. The other pots we brought in were an off white colour, but we painted over them with a bright white to lift the space, which felt dark in the afternoons. We choose a dark grey for our hanging pots, to provide an element of contrast against the white. 

Our planting scheme included Camellia's, both bushy grades to form a privacy screen from the neighbours and a a singular topiary standard form as a central focal point. Along with these, with planted out buxus balls, mondo grass and pittospormum.


To add that element of flowering interest, we used two empty hanging pots to house flowering plants that we would plan to swap out and change once the flowering has finished or the wild weather damages their display. Treating this display with the expectation that new plants would need to be purchased regularly to rotate the display, means our client can enjoy colourful blooms for short periods, just like a fresh bunch of flowers inside.



Client Testimonial

"City Botanics offers a bespoke service to anyone wishing to enhance and beautify an apartment balcony or small outdoor space. Martin's very personal approach and genuine desire to create a unique design tailormade for the individual space and tastes of the owner is excellent.


Completely professional and engaging at every step of the process, Martin's knowledge of plants and the aesthetics of small space garden design make the whole process very relaxed and comfortable.


My once bland, empty apartment balcony has been converted into an attractive outdoor room exactly on budget. The result is a pleasure to look at and spend time in. I definitely recommend City Botanics"

Robin Harrison

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