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Modern Deck Retreat

With a beautifully designed and constructed deck already present on this project, our client engaged our services to add some life into the space with a suitable planting scheme


The Design

We feel in love with the natural tones of the wooden deck and cleverly designed deck boundary walls and while the space was quiet a warm aesthetic, it still felt a little sterile and lifeless.

Our clients expressed an interest in achieving a planting scheme that matched a Californian contemporary garden, as they loved the colours and textures that succulents and drought tolerant plants provided but didnt want the space to look like a desert. Our goal was to make use of the boundary fences with some hanging pots while utilsing the space better the create two distinct zones. 1 for formal dining and 1 for casual seating. 

The first step was to re-arrange and present the existing furniture in a more functional way. We then focused on selecting a range of pots that we got custom painted to match the existing furnishing colours and window trims. We painted a modern geometric pattern on some of the pots to provide an interesting feature, while the others where painted solid in both grey and white tones. For the plants, we used a mixture of succulents and grasses for colour, texture, hardiness in the ground level pots, and lavender in the hanging pots for floral interest over the warm months. Some succulents had the added use of providing a dramatic floral display over summer and autumn. 

To finish off the space, we laid an outdoor rug as a defining feature and to clearly separate the casual and formal seating zones. 



Client Testimonial

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