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Plant Profiles

A collection of profiles on some of our favourite plants for small space gardens. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to receive regular updates on new profiles.


"Wiri Image"

Bred specifically to handle the humid Auckland climate, this Hebe cultivar provides a stunning option for a variety of gardens styles with a long flowering season over the warmer months.

Carex buchananii

Native to New Zealand, Carex plants are wonderful garden plants that do very well in pots and exposed sites. They are known for their super low maintenance and striking foliage colours

Senecio herreianus

Introducing the "String of Watermelons"!


Slightly more plump sister to the "String Of Pearls", this indoor plant is sure to become just as, if not more popular!


clusiifolia "TriColour"

Striking triple variegated foliage with stunning reddish-pink edges and undersides, make this Peperomia an absolute knock-out houseplant"