Terrariums - The captured garden craze.

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Terrariums, or Wardian Case as they were once known as, have been around since the Victorian era, however they've seen surges in popularity in more recent times as plant lovers look to their home interiors to satisfy their green desires. Peering into their glass worlds can be surprisingly relaxing and you'll no doubt find yourself drifting off into a daze while you contemplate their miniature world, welcoming the distraction from your day.

While often seen as opened glass containers with a variety of plants growing inside, true terrariums by definition are fully enclosed vessels. This sealed system provides the perfect environment for humidity loving plants and if created using the correct materials, they can sustain themselves with very little human intervention. Open top vessels however, require a lot more monitoring & attention as they are more susceptible to the surrounding environmental conditions, often drying out quickly.

Because enclosed terrariums contain their own moisture, they are super low maintenance and perfect for people who are time poor or have basic to zero green thumbs. They make the perfect piece for apartment dwellers and renters, as they suit small spaces and can easily be shifted if moving house. Even city office workers are looking to terrariums to spruce up their work space, providing them with some much needed green distraction during the day which in turn will boost your productivity. Best of all, your terrarium will still be al