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Princes Wharf Balcony Garden

This balcony garden was an exciting opportunity for us, as its sheer size and limited existing features, meant that we had a blank canvas to create a useable and liveable garden space for our clients to enjoy.


The Design

The site presented a number of challenges including exposure to high winds, access difficulties and the need to consider planting drought-tolerant plants that could go up to a month without water, as the owners are quite often away from the property. 

Our clients were wanting us to create a space that they could enjoy and relax in, while also improving the overall aesthetics of their balcony. We decided on an informal theme and selected a variety of plants that would soothe the mood while also softening the hard surfaces of the balcony.

First to admit that their previous garden space received no love and attention, our client knew that if we were able to create an enjoyable space that they could appreciate, then the time it would take to maintain it would not feel like such a chore. With that being said, choosing plants that were both low maintenance and tough, were important elements within the design. 

We chose rounded pots to feature within the central areas of the balcony to maintain an informal flow while using rectangle troughs around the perimeters to create focal points around the boundary. Black was chosen to contrast against the lighter tiles and to accentuate the foliage and flower colours of the plants. We re-purposed the existing concrete planters by cleaning them up and painting them black to match the rest of the pots. 

Having had issues on this site in the past with furniture blowing in the wind, we decided to create two custom stools that were made from exceptionally heavyweight wood, so that our clients had a place to sit and relax in the evenings to appreciate the sun as it was setting on the horizon.


Finished Shot_Main Balcony 3.jpg
Finished Shot_Main Balcony 2.jpg
Finished Shot_Main Balcony 5.jpg
Finished Shot_Main Balcony 4.jpg
Finished Shot_Main Balcony.jpg

Client Testimonial

"City Botanics has transformed our apartment decks from boring to contemporary design within a couple of days....fantastic job !!!
Martin is a very professional garden designer....has an amazing work ethic....and his commitment to total customer satisfaction and service is second to none.
Thanks for a great new apartment garden City Botanics!"

Steve & Anne Jenkins

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