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Inject some greenery into your interior with this Set of 3 Miniscapes and SAVE 20% off the individual Miniscapes pricing.


Our Miniscapes MOSS+STONE collection combines the smooth and rugged textures of rock with the soft and delicate features of our moss. Designed to mimic the natural landscape, these Miniscapes will pull you in with their beauty and transport you to another world. 


Our Miniscapes provide indoor garden zen with super low maintenance requirements. Great for busy people who may not have time to look after interior plants but need a little more green in their life! Suitable for any home or work environment.


Individual Miniscapes Sizing

  • Small -18cm H x 13cm W - includes 2 moss species in each
  • Medium -20cm H x 15cm Wincludes 2 small plants and 2 moss species in each
  • Large -24cm H x 18cm W - includes 3 small plants and 3 moss species in each


Available in 4 STONE varieties in all 3 sizes

  • Red Scoria - a coarse-textured rock with deep burgundy and pink hues
  • Grey Wacke - a smooth and rounded rock with natural earth tones
  • Blue Basalt - jagged and flat with shiny blue-grey reflections 
  • Mixed Selection - Includes 1 x each of Red Scoria, Grey Wacke & Blue Basalt


* Please note that as each piece is individual and due to the seasonality of moss supply, slight variations from images may occur.

Miniscapes MOSS+STONE - Matching Set of 3

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$93.60Sale Price
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  • Taking Care of your Miniscapes

    • Position your Miniscapes in a well-lit room with moderate to bright light. 
    • Avoid direct sun
    • Keep the lid on for most of the time
    • Remove the lid to allow for aeration every 2 weeks for half a day.
    • Lightly mist with distilled water before replacing the lid.


    For full care guides and advice, visit our "Guides" section of our website.