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80386 Microprocessor Datasheet.pdf




pdf for more datasheets. Table of Contents All of the 80386 data sheets available online in PDF format are free for your download. Datasheet Dilemma The datasheet image above shows the key features of the Intel 80386 microprocessor but is also a very large file. Instead of downloading this file, there is a link above to the datasheet in PDF form. The image is the essential 80386 datasheet containing information on the microprocessor. The datasheet is provided by Intel and is no longer available for purchase. Download Intel 80386 datasheet Click the link above to download the datasheet in PDF format. You should print this datasheet (if you have a printer). Download the datasheet in PDF format 80386 Features Overview The Intel 80386 microprocessor featured four integrated bipolar semiconductors. The clock speed was 3.4 MHz, and there were two registers on the microprocessor. 80386 datasheet 80386 instruction set The 80386 instructions had a programming mode and a data mode. The instructions are similar to the the one of the popular computer instruction sets such as MIPS and ARM. Intel 80386 data sheet The 80386 data sheet provided a partial instruction set in the form of tables. The main purpose of this was to provide partial information for reverse engineering the microprocessor.Q: Creating Alias Column I have created a column as alter table tbl1 add column count(*) as count(*) from tbl2 I want to create an alias for this column which I am trying as alter table tbl1 add column alias as alias from tbl2 The error which I get is that 'alias' is unknown column in 'field list' Can anyone suggest what should I do to create alias for such columns. Thanks A: Syntax for column aliases and functions is incorrect. What you have written is correct as is. Syntax for column aliases is create table tbl_name (..., column1 [ as] name_of_column_alias [,...],



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80386 Microprocessor Datasheet.pdf
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