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Category:Android (operating system) devices Category:Computer hardware Category:Computer keys the arts was a throwback to the early days when these ports were under seagoing powers, and visitors flocked to be entertained by pirates and the seascape they created. So it was inevitable that a restaurant called “The Pirate,” which opened in 2007 with a view of not just the action on the water, but the skyline, would capture the imagination of the city. “The back story was an African American chef who was here as a kid and fell in love with the food,” says Mandala’s chef, Alex Riccio. “We wanted to take it to a whole other level of how you can do a seafood restaurant with a Caribbean-type feel.” Among the dishes are coconut shrimp, mango-glazed grouper, and a sweet and spicy grilled pineapple curry with sweet corn on the side. “This has a great, cohesive menu,” says Riccio, who grew up in nearby Marlboro and earned culinary degrees in college. “You can eat it with a glass of wine or a martini. It’s a great way to start your night.” That mantra of start-with-the-wine-and-mushroom-arepas is a mainstay of Caribbean cuisine, and there is much to be said for how relaxing that is. “In some parts of the world, you wouldn’t do it that way, but here it’s typical,” says one of the owners, Willa Barroso, who was on vacation in Colombia when the idea struck. “It’s like a long, lazy day,” Barroso says of the vibe at The Pirate. “It’s not really a big restaurant.” But while the restaurant is casual in a laid-back, throw-back sort of way, the food is also impressively prepared. “We do think about the quality of the ingredients,” Riccio says. The Pirate is clearly trying to capitalize on this summer’s influx of tourists who are in town for the Debutantes Ball, a Jamaican-themed party at the Fairfield Inn on July 26 that will feature performances by the likes of Barbara Mandigo and Ad


Gbteam Gbkey Fast Unlocker Mega

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