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At City Botanics, we specialise in designing and installing gardens in small spaces typical of our modern residential developments.

We understand how to transform these small spaces into functional outdoor areas that become an extension of the house, allowing our clients to get all the benefits of a large garden in a small footprint. 

We know that first impressions count when buying and selling a house. 

No matter the size or space, whether it is a light garden makeover, adding pots and plants to a balcony for privacy or giving a buyer a glimpse of what their future garden could be like, we provide the right solution to enhance the marketability of a property.


Real Estate Marketing

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Balcony, Deck and Courtyard Staging

We can supply pots and plants to improve a property's marketability.

This is perfect for exposed apartment balconies with privacy issues from neighbours and opposing buildings.

Below are some of our balcony installations.

Pricing is dependent on the size and number of pots/plants, with buyers having the option of purchasing the installation should they wish.

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Digital 3D Design Plans

We can create garden plans in 3D to improve a property's marketability. Use as a sales tool to inspire prospective buyers and open their eyes to the potential of even the smallest outdoor space.


We can create basic designs with views from various perspectives to be used as a sales tool or complex "to scale" designs that can be on-sold to the owners.

From $395.

Improve property marketability by opening eyes to the potential of it's outdoor space.
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