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If your moss fails to thrive within the first 6 months after purchase, we will replace it free of charge.

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Our aim is to provide a store of beautifully handcrafted plants, garden products and botanical art pieces to fill the home and office. 

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Our Miniscapes are handcrafted botanical art pieces, perfectly designed to suit any home or office environment. These fully enclosed terrariums require very little maintenance and are the perfect option for busy people.​

As you peer into their miniature zen world, let your imagination drift away to a peaceful and calming place

Current collection;


A Moss Creation

Moss is an ancient flowerless plant, often found growing on rocks, soil and in the trees of our forests. As they prefer damp and shady environments, they make the perfect feature for our living Miniscapes.

Easy Care

Our Miniscapes are self-sustaining and require very little maintenance. Just select the perfect indoor position, follow a few simple rules and your Miniscapes will thrive for years to come.

Our Guarantee

All our Miniscapes come with a 6 month Moss Guarantee. In the unlikely event that your Moss fails to thrive in the first 6 months, we will happily send you fresh Moss to keep your Miniscapes looking their best!


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