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Introducing our Specially Blended Garden Mixes and Returnable/Reusable Bag Scheme!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

We've tested our fair share of garden mixes over the years. Whilst there are many good products out there, we never truly found the "perfect" ones that met all of our requirements for small gardens; to provide maximum organic nutrients to your small garden with minimal environmental impact.

So, we decided to create our own! After two years of blending and testing, we've finally designed and refined our perfect products;

  • high-quality nutrient-dense organic garden mixes,

  • in recycled, refillable plastic bags,

  • delivered to your door with an empty bag pick-up service & credit so they can be reused.

Visit our online store to view our products and sign up for our bag delivery service.

What products do you have, and how can we purchase them?

We currently have six premium organic garden mixes available; potting mix, compost, fine mulch, chunky mulch, mulch and feed, and two fertilisers.

Deliveries will occur on Fridays, and orders must arrive by Thursday at 9 pm. Initially, our delivery service will only be available in Hobsonville/Hobsonville Point, Whenuapai and West Harbour.

When your bags are ready to be picked up, jump onto our return request page, fill in your details, and we'll do the rest! Once we have your returned bags, we'll email you your credit coupon to use on your future purchases. To receive your credit, your bags must be damage free and in their original condition (but don't worry if they're a bit dirty!)

So, tell us more about your products. Why did you create them, and what makes them unique?

The quick version:

  • Developed specifically for mid to high-density living environments = dense clay soils.

  • We use premium organic ingredients = safe and sustainable, improves soil structure for clay soils, stronger, healthier plants, that get better over time.

  • We use worm castings = improved growth (scientifically proven! – see below).

  • We deliver to your door = saving you time and a trip to Mitre 10! And no need for a big car boot.

  • We pick up your used bags, refill them and credit you = better for the environment; you get a $2 credit per bag returned to go towards your next purchase.

The geeky version:

The majority of gardens that we design and install are situated in medium to high-density residential zones. While we are lucky that our houses are built upon the solid foundation that heavily compacted clay soils provide, it's not so great for growing the variety of plants our clients, and we want to see in our gardens.

Additionally, with the weather extremes that we are now experiencing throughout the year – hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters – plants need to be extra healthy to survive extremes which are often not normal to their natural environments. Like humans, plants can ward off pests and diseases when they are in the best health – nutrient deficiencies will make them much more susceptible to illness.

To ensure that we give our gardens and plants the best environment to thrive, we wanted to create products that address these issues.

Our products contain loads of beneficial microbes.

Nutrient-dense and organic garden soils are more likely to sustain a healthy population of soil organisms. If there is enough air, water, and organic matter for soil organisms to thrive, your soil and plants will naturally benefit. Natural nutrients in soils and fertilisers are released when they are broken down by beneficial microbes such as bacteria and fungi. As the organic matter decomposes, clay particles clump around the humus, slowly improving the aeration and drainage of the soil below and allowing your plant's roots to grow deeper.

Our products contain Worm castings.

Worm castings are a very unique offering in bagged products. Worm castings are regarded as the richest natural fertiliser known to humans. Castings contain rich, unique microbiological colonies that help fight soil-borne plant diseases and repel insects. Worm castings are water-soluble, allowing plants to quickly and easily absorb essential nutrients and trace minerals. Nutrients in worm castings are readily available to plant material over a longer time and will not burn even the most delicate of plants. They are much richer in nutrients than the basic bulk compost you buy at the garden centre.

Interesting geeky fact: Extensive testing on worm castings performed by Ohio State, Cornell University, UC Davis, and the Australian SIRO has shown improved flower size, bloom quantity, quality and colour. Fruit and vegetable tests have yielded improvements from 57% to over 200% with improved taste and appearance!

Our bags are made with recycled plastic and are entirely reusable - we close them with twisty ties.

The problem with buying bags at the garden centre is that they are only intended for single use – you throw the mix in the garden and then throw away the bag. If you want to recycle your bags, they need to be dropped at a soft plastic recycling point or back at the point of purchase - we know through our research that this is a big barrier to soft plastic recycling.

Reducing waste is super important to us, and as we already refill and reuse our plastic soil bags, we decided to offer the same service to our customers. We will deliver the products to your door, help you carry them to the garden, and when you have used them, we'll pick the bags up, refill them and give you a $2 bag credit towards your next purchase!

Visit our online store to view our products and sign up for our bag delivery service.

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