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Vibrant Tropical Courtyard

When our client mentioned "I like lots of colour!" during our design brief, we knew we had permission to transform their small yard into a vibrant space with bursts of colourful drama!


The Design

We had plenty of challenges on this project, including a garden bed with a meer 20cm of topsoil (if you can call it soil!), a large drab concrete slab and a drainage man hole in the middle of the garden.

We used bamboo along the back fence, which will eventually grow in to create a vertical screen for privacy, that works well in tight narrow spaces. Large contemporary pots were used to allow plenty of room for a tropical planting scheme, with a variety of foliage colours and texture. We chose black pots so that they highlighted the vibrant foliage and flower colours.

A hardwood deck was built over the concrete slab and extended outwards to cover over the drainage system, bringing a contemporary feel to the space. The dual seats were positioned in a way that the surrounding plants provide some privacy from the neighbours.



Client Testimonial

"What a transformation! City Botanics have converted what was a pretty depressing space into something I very much enjoy spending time in.

I'll admit I was a bit dubious about what could be achieved in such a small area but it just goes to show what can happen when you trust in those who are passionate about what they do.


Martin was fantastic to deal with; innovation came to the fore when we had to do design consultations via video conference as a result of the lockdown. Importantly, the level of communication throughout the project was outstanding.

If there's anyone out there considering remodelling their space, get in touch with these lads. I'm now a lifelong fan!"

Noz Majwabu

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