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Bag Return & Credit Policy

We are committed to creating a sustainable footprint within our business by reducing our waste and the waste created by the horticultural industry. We are proud to offer a return & credit scheme for any purchase of our bagged potting mix, compost and mulches.

Receive a $2.00 CREDIT PER PLASTIC BAG when you return them in original condition, free of damage, tears or holes - dirt is ok!

FREE PICK-UP, simply request your return collection by completing the form below, and we will be in touch to confirm a collection date.

You will receive a credit coupon for the total number of returned bags (that meet the above criteria) within 7 days of your bag collection.

Request A Bag Pick Up

Receive a $2.00 credit for every plastic bag returned

Thank you for helping us reduce waste in our fight for a sustainable future!

We will be in touch shortly with more details regarding the collection date.

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