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A Balcony Garden & Cats Lookout

Designing to meet a clients style and taste is one challenge, but designing to meet the needs of their cats is another challenge all in itself!


The Design

The brief was this installation had three main requests. Create a new space for the one bedroom house, use plenty of teal and grey to match the interior furnishings and build a safe lookout for the clients cats to sit and watch the world go by. 

Using the existing table and chairs, we created a designated seating area and simply framed the zone with the use of an outdoor rug. We couldn't get this in teal, BUT we got pretty close with a light blue and complemented it with shades of grey. 

We brought the teal colour into the scheme by working with custom designed and painted modern pots. 3 large pots were chosen as a focal point in one corner of the balcony, where we planted up a mix of herbs, fruit trees and succulents. Certain succulents were chosen for their bluish grey foliage which complements nicely against the grey/white/teal pots and other green foliage. 

Another two tall pots were used in the opposite corners of the balcony to balance out the space and frame the side window. This open window/lookout presented a safety concern for the clients cats, so we blocked it off with a planter trough filled with some interesting succulents.

Finally, we attached a series of wooden crates onto the balcony balustrade so that the cats could use these as steps to jump up and sit on top to view the world below.The crates also doubled up as shelves for placing more small pot plants, candles and other ornaments. The client had already installed a series of thin metal spike deterrents to stop the cats from walking up and down the railing and which provided an added level of security.

The end result was a custom built and personalised space that provided a beautiful retreat for the client and a safe haven for their cats to enjoy.



Client Testimonial

"I am absolutely blown away how Martin from City Botanics managed to create a whole new and beautiful space in such a small amount of room. It feels like it’s added another room to my one bedroom house

I have two indoor cats too which I wanted to give a safe place to sit safely and people watch on the balcony; Martin listened and created the area with the crates for just that.

Martin’s professionalism, experience and ability to decipher what I liked and wanted in my home was spot on and produced a final product that I absolutely love and was within my budget.

I couldn’t recommend City Botanics enough!"

- Sally Bagnall

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