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A Balcony Oasis

The first thing we noticed when we stepped onto this little Freemans Bay balcony was the potential to create a cohesive story between its impeccably decorated, mid-century modern interior and the surrounding palms reminiscent of the mid-century modern exteriors of Miami. 


The Design

Starting from the bottom up, we gave the tired concrete a fresh coat of paint using Resene Perfect Taupe, a warm pastel Maltese grey-beige drifting towards tones of pink, providing a neutral, warm base to compliment the interior styling.

Clusters of off-white pots were added to showcase the tropical planting that blends well with the palms surrounding the building. A wire espalier was attached to the balcony divider wall to grow a climbing Star Jasmine. We placed a pot in front of the gap to provide additional privacy from the neighbouring balcony. 


To make a balcony functional, we need furniture that fits. We custom-built a folding table that attaches to the railing and can be closed when not in use. We also custom-built a small outdoor sofa to fit snugly into the opposite corner, otherwise dead space.


The final result is a chic and minimal nod to mid-century design with all the functions of space two or three times the size.


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