If you are looking for a full design service which includes installation, we can execute our design plans to build your dream garden!

We install gardens & plantscapes for residential and commercial properties.


Balconies | Courtyards | Beds | Yards | Interiors | Commerical Fit-Outs

  • Sourcing of all materials and plants

  • Labour to execute the job

  • Coordination and full project management with any outside contractors e.g. builders

  • Two maintenance visits and check-ups at 4 and 8 weeks  


Price varies greatly according to the size of your garden and the scope of your requirements.


We calculate the average cost for our jobs to give you a current approx. cost guide

 Balconies / Decks @ $338 /sqm

Yards @ $171 / sqm

Garden Beds @ $233 / sqm

Courtyards @ $350 / sqm

Interiors @ $116 / pot & plant


Small Yard, Native Garden

Kiki Isidorou

"Thanks to City Botanics carefully selected plants, this former plant killer (me) is now a reformed green thumb! Every day I wake up to a beautifully landscaped native garden and every corner In my house a plant - this all makes me so so happy!
I highly recommend City Botanics. They're meticulous, listen to your needs, have wonderful ideas and lots of advice for those of us plant/garden challenged"

(WEB) 77 Campbell Street Newtown (7).jpg

Courtyard, 8.75sqm


Oscar Griffith

"Dealing with City Botanics from start to finish was a breeze. We wanted to improve our courtyard garden, but we struggled to find the right plants to suit its exposure, which was in full sun during summer and barely any sun in winter. We didn't want to spend money on changing the hardscape features so City Botanics focused on improving the design with plants, ensuring they would be suitable for our garden. 12mths on and the garden is thriving!"