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Total Modern Makeover!

Our team gave this tired backyard a total modern makeover.

What a difference!


The Design

This garden is designed for maximum function, yet perfectly refined to the most important elements.

Our client wanted a multifunctional space for relaxing, reading, entertaining and gardening, yet low maintenance, with a verdant, serene and contemporary feel.

To respond to this, we created a simple, manageable space with raised Straightedge corten beds and a boardwalk around the perimeter, so that the client could easily pick some weeds as she walked past, without bending down. The central raised corten circle forms a centrepiece in the garden and contrasts with the straight edges of the deck and garden perimeter. An additional deck space in the back corner provides an alternative seating/entertaining area, and furniture can be moved around to suit the occasion and time of year.

The kitset pergola fits perfectly in front of the back door, providing a covered space that can be used for both relaxing and entertaining.  

By limiting the materials to steel, timber and stone, the small space isn't overwhelmed, and the lush planting can slowly take centre stage. The planting scheme is full of vibrant greens with pops of white and purple colours. Different textures and foliage shapes were chosen to create interest and soften the harder elements in the design.

We are looking forward to seeing this space evolve as the plants grow in and the seasons change!


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