7 Tips to Save Water In Your Garden

When I decided to move to Auckland from Sydney a couple of years ago, everyone told me that I should expect plenty of rain! While this might put most people off, I was quietly excited. After gardening in Sydney all my life and dealing with drought periods that lasted 6, 9, and even 12 months, it was time for a break. Two summers and two drought years later and I am wondering what happened to what I thought was my ideal gardening paradise... Water restrictions have arrived in Auckland and it looks like they are here to stay for a least a few months. Dam levels are reaching record lows and although we have had some rain this past week, it is barely matching our weekly demand. This means we are not seeing any growth on storage levels and its highly likely that we will move to 2 restrictions within weeks. We are still allowed to water our gardens under Level 1 and 2 water restrictions, however, we must do so with either a watering can or a timed irrigation system. The use of outdoor hoses is banned. Even still, as a community we need to be conscious of water-saving to avoid moving into Level 3 restrictions, which will prohibit ALL garden watering, regardless of the delivery. So what can you do in the garden now to save water and how can you plan for future drought years? Here are my tips to help your garden pull through.