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A Contemporary Courtyard

The owners of this small Remuera courtyard garden wanted to modernise their garden to create a multi-functional space for family and friends.

Before & After

The Design

Custom-built furniture, timber panels, an aluminium pergola and clever use of vertical and horizontal lines combine to create a modern, elegant space for outdoor dining and relaxation. 


To maintain privacy and allow for more useable space, we removed the overgrown trees and the old stone wall, making way for a new screen of thin vertical macrocarpa slats. In front of these, we planted tall clumping Bamboo, called Slender Weavers, which contrast and soften the vertical lines. These will bush out over time and create a lovely lush wall.

The owners wanted a fixed-slat pergola to create shade from the afternoon sun but not block the light entirely. We had to custom-build to get the right length to keep the deck space clear. The spaces between the slats are graduated to create interest and balance the area. Adding heating and lighting means the space can be used into the evening.

We are big fans of custom-built seating as it maximises longevity and fits the space perfectly. In the long run, it is excellent value for money, often working out less expensive than what you would purchase for like-quality in store. In this space, the seat fits perfectly into the corner, leaving the deck free, and is large enough for family gatherings and afternoon naps! There's also a much more extensive range of colours to select from, which makes a change from the typical creams, beiges and greys.

Project Images

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