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Mulch is an essential addition for garden beds and potplants, as it helps retain moisture in the soil while breaking down over time and adding vital organic material to improve soil structure and overall plant health. This organic mulch contains slow release fertiliser for simple, convenient application.


Features & Benefits

  • Organic ingredients only.

  • Improves water retention and reduces water evaporation over the warm months.

  • Suppresses weed growth.

  • Fine mulch feeds beneficial microbes in the soil, improving soil structure and drainage. 

  • Encourages earthworm activity – nature’s army for improving soil structure.



  • Garden Beds 

    • Initially, apply a minimum 5-7.5cm layer of mulch over the top of your soil in Spring or Autumn. Approx. 2 bags per 1 sqm

    • Ideally, if the garden depth allows, add up to 10cm of mulch. Approx. 3 bags per sqm

    • Mulch should be topped up every 6 months with a 3cm layer after initial application.

    • Be careful not to place mulch too close around the base of the plant stems and trunks, as this can cause rot. 


  • Pots

    • Apply a 5cm layer of mulch on top of the potting mix.

    • Be sure not to fill right to the top of the pot, allowing water to absorb properly and not spill over the edges.

    • Top up mulch with a thin layer as required every 6 months.


  • Notes

    • Will feed plants with low nutrient requirements for up to 6 months. Grasses, succulents, natives, established trees.

    • For hungry plants such as annuals, veggies, fruit trees, fast-growing shrubs used for hedging, flowering plants and young trees – additional fertiliser applications are recommended every 8 weeks between August and April.

Premium Organic Mulch & Feed 30LT

  • Receive a $2.00 credit per bag when you return the plastic bag in its original condition, free of tears and holes.

    To return your used bags, request a pick-up using our pick-ups request page and leave your bags out on the specified day (which we'll contact you about). We'll do the rest!

    Read about bag returns and request a pick-up here.


  • Delivery is a flat rate of $6.

    Deliveries are currently only available in the following suburbs:   Hobsonville/Hobsonville Point,  Whenuapai,  West Harbour

    Deliveries currently take place on Friday's, for all orders received by 9pm on Thursday.

    If no-one is home, deliveries will be left at the front door unless otherwise specified.

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